Kaveta Bohemia

kennel of German small spitz orange,  orange-sable and black & tan

  Already since 1989  I have been engaged in breeding of kleinspitz orange and orange-sable. In 2009 I bought a kleinspitz female in black & tan colour. I would like to breed puppies also in this attractive and rare colour. Puppies born in my Kennel grow up in the middle of my family and so from their childhood are used to customary household operation, which supports their calm nature. The spitzes are characterized by their nice sunny character, they are cheerful, skittish and devoted.  They are unpretentious, practically do not suffer from any diseases and do not need any treatment by cutting. A spitz loves its master, it wants to be in his closeness, and so it is not suitable for living in a cote.

        Kleinspitz from our kennel have derived pleasure to their owners not only in the Czech Republic but also in Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary. Since I am trying for influx of a new unrelated blood, I imported a kleinspitz female from Finland (a kennel Sunny Range´s) and from Germany (a kennel v. Chandrapura) and kleinspitz male from Latvia (Grand Master Korol Kid). Also from this reason I plan foreign mating. When choosing a breeding couple I endeavour for it, so that the result – puppies were the most beautiful and, of course, healthy. Efforts of my Kennel Kaveta Bohemia indicate that we are quite successful.



Hanny, Hakim and Ivanhoe Kaveta Bohemia

The successful Kennel Kaveta Bohemia on Club Show in Konopiště 2005, Hanny is The Best Spitz and Kennel Kaveta Bohemia is The Best Kennel

The successful Kennel Kaveta Bohemia on Special spitz show in Mlada Boleslav 2003.

The successful Kennel Kaveta Bohemia on Club spitz show in Prague  2003.

The Kennel Kaveta Bohemia on the Special spitz show  in Zbraslav by Brno, Juni 2004

Chicco Kaveta Bohemia Ivanhoe Kaveta Bohemia

The puppies from our Kennel on the title page of magazine


Charlotte Kaveta Bohemia on the title page of Finnish dog breeders magazine